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June 8th, 2013  St. Joe Pride


Welcome to PFLAG St Joseph!!

We are embarking on a wonderful journey together, a journey filled with hope, love and support for any person, friend, family, ally or member of the LGBT community in and around St Joseph.

Our ultimate goal is to reach anyone seeking support in the entire Midland Empire, from Omaha to KC, Topeka to Chillicothe.

As Chapter President, I am excited to be a part of this National Organization and to help bring the support and education that PFLAG stands by to my hometown area.

Things are changing, civil and equal rights are coming to everyone, no matter who they love. As a personal goal, I want every LGBT person to know they are loved, included and fabulous!! The time is right for us all.

I could not be prouder that my journey to get this chapter official came on the historical day that DOMA was changed and Prop8 was over turned.

I extend a warm welcome to all members and allies of the LGBT community.

Check out our events page for more info!



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